Our Team

Meet Our Team

Passionately committed to protecting the future of Nigeria, for our generation & the generations to come

Facilitator: Maimunat Mohammed 

Facilitator: Kora Sunday

Facilitator: Moses Joshua

Facilitator: Amos Nangshank

Facilitator: Gibson

Facilitator: Ramat

Facilitator: Agnes Usman

Facilitator: Yusuf Umar

Facilitator: Sekinat Mohammed

Facilitator: Ayuba Sabo

Facilitator: Abbubakar Mohammed

Facilitator: Gibson

Facilitator: Blessing Gimba

Facilitator: Gloria Usman

Facilitator: Comfort

Facilitator: Yusuf Talle

M & E Officer: Nkemjika Adindu

Project Director: Olutayo Afelumo

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