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Each Free Digital Learning Center We Establish in The Target Communities, brings Nigeria a Step Closer to Being More Competitive in a Global Economy That's Knowledge Based.

Help Us Move Nigeria Forward. Let's Give These Kids The Future They Deserve

The table below lists the pricing requirements to impact 30, 60 and 120 kids per community respectively. The items features the Mavis Talking Books & Mavis Education Model that we currently use. Kindly use this as a guide in determining your donation in granting our target audience the future they deserve in addition to Job creation for more Teachers in such communities.

Impact 30 Kids
10 Mavis Pens
10 Hausa-to-English Books
10 English with Phonics Books
20 Maths Book 1&2
10 Audio Splitter
30 Ear Piece
1 Solar Charger Panels
5 Sets of Tables & Chairs (Seats 6 per set)
2 Staff/Facilitators
Impact 60 Kids
20 Mavis Pens
20 Hausa-to-English Books
20 English with Phonics Books
40 Maths Book 1&2
20 Audio Splitter
60 Ear Piece
2 Solar Charger Panels
10 Sets of Tables & Chairs (Seats 6 per set)
2 Staff/Facilitators
Impact 120 Kids
40 Mavis Pens
40 Hausa-to-English Books
40 English with Phonics Books
80 Maths Book 1&2
40 Audio Splitter
120 Ear Piece
3 Solar Charger Panels
20 Sets of Tables & Chairs (Seats 6 per set)
4 Staff/Facilitators

Kindly select your donation plan above and fill the form below to initiate the process. We would set up and run more learning centers using our wealth of experience and give you feedback on how your adopted center is doing in fulfilling the mission. Optionally, each center you help us in setting up can be tagged after you. 

Many Thanks.

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