The digital world (edu-techs) has presented education with such an opportunity, by providing delivery channels that take the best of all worlds (including on-campus, hybrid, and online delivery) and allowing students to utilize whatever delivery methodology best suits their personal circumstances.

This would require that all delivery channels have equally engaging material and presentation formats that cater to the varying abilities of the students, as well as to their personal circumstances, which may also require accelerated or slower times to complete learning requirements.

Technological solutions are the only option that can help meet the demand for high quality accessible education while, at the same time, providing cost efficiency that will allow institutions to do more with the same (or fewer) resources.

The Talking Book is one of such relevant technological solutions which we’ve selected for this project, with about 40 Mavis Pens and over 40 Talking Books deployed in our current centers, serving over 190 kids/benefices in attendance.

  • It can be used in existing/new public schools, deployed for use in community halls or a conducive space to avoid the cost of building new structures and to cater to the large number of Out-of-School Children in Bwari Area Council.

  • Using our unique design with the Talking Books and the audio-splitter, we can reduce costs and increase the impact by enabling group learning of 3 - 5 out-of-school children per Talking Book pack, and having a facilitator effectively handle up to 50 children at a time in the hall, since the facilitator would not be teaching in the class. The Mavis Pen and Talking Books serve as the “teacher” while the facilitator just ensures class orderliness, mentors the kids and performs general administration.

  • The solution will also help overcome the language barrier as it will use Hausa (the language of the community) as the language of instruction to teach the kids English Language.

  • This solution is over three times (3x) cheaper than existing approaches to education (in terms of number of teachers required, number of classrooms to be built/used, etc.) and has tremendous positive impact on learning outcomes. When deployed, it can be bench-marked against students who do not have access to this intervention and after tests are conducted, the impact can be seen.

The outcome of this solution ensures that what children in conventional public schools would take over 1 year to learn can be learned in about 6 months or less using the Talking Books, in addition to other outcomes such as developing a unique love for learning in the kids as they engage with the interactive, fun features of the technology. This Solution is Designed & Developed by Our Partners - Mavis Computel.

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